Travel or vacation abroad is a dream every person. However, there is a prop foreign travelers is the cost issue. Problem is this cost that can break the spirit of our travelers, since the value of the currency of our country is rather far behind compared to other currencies. But do not worry, because there are several ways by which we can vacation abroad without draining the wallet, want to know how, this is it.

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Hunting trip ticket cost

It is common knowledge to travel abroad due to get cheap tickets. Some airlines royal offering the best prices are very cheap at certain times. And usually the departure implementation of months or one year after the purchase of tickets makes you have time to prepare the heart, mental, and the mind to wander in the country. For ticket hunters, use the facilities on the web airline subscribe to get the info-related discounts and promos.

Wearing travel packages

Using a travel package is a smart travel tips, in addition to complete you also do not have to bother. In addition to saving money travel packages are also energy efficient, because all have been taken care of by the agent and stayed away alone. Travel agent package providers usually already have agreements with hotels and transport providers so the price offered can be more oblique. Besides the privilege of wearing a travel package also makes you should not hire a tour guide and-confused in the destination country.

Explore a destination location

Vacationing abroad is not meant to be to some countries or cities in one country at a time, by manipulating the focus on one location, you do not have to throw a lot of money on transportation costs.Most of the city has a variety of tourist destinations attractive tourist sites to visit. Satisfy exploration of the site and make a plan to visit the other in the next vacation time.

Go to a visa-free country

Indonesia has a visa-free cooperation with some neighboring countries, such as ASEAN countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines – except Myanmar), Hongkong, Macau, Morocco, and others. By visiting visa-free country, you do not need to spend money for visa fees that cost a bit stifling wallet travelers to the archipelago.

Limiting souvenirs and shopping

Holiday abroad does not mean having a lot of shopping. Goods abroad is a unique and beautiful but remember the principle of buying goods, whether the goods are functioning or not. When will the goods are just sitting at home, so the display was not for what was purchased. Besides shopping items, spending on souvenirs also need to be considered carefully. Do not want it disturbed your holiday with the obligation to buy goods for others.

Estimating the time of visit

Vacation does not need to for a long time, a three-day visit countries like Singapore or Malaysia that is enough. Two weeks visiting Europe was also quite satisfied. Remember that not to make your holiday impoverished. By estimating the time of the visit wisely and implement effective, many costs can be reduced as the cost of accommodation and meals.